Myths or facts about Cloud  Contact Centres?

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Cloud Contact Centre Resources

Cloud Contact Centre Guide Part 1: Moving customer experience centre stage

Are you ready to move to the next level in customer service? This guide explores the following:

  1. Introduction: More demanding consumers happy to self-serve
  2. Why customer centricity delivers a competitive advantage
  3. Using data to know and understand your customers
  4. The contact centre at the heart of the customer journey
  5. Checklist: Are you ready to move to the next level in customer experience?

Recommendation: Use our checklist to quickly and easily evaluate your current maturity level when it comes to digital customer experience and service delivery. Fill in the checklist, total your score and find out your rating.

Cloud Contact Centre Guide Part 2: Optimising Customer Experience

Is your business ready for the cloud? This guide explores the following:

  1. The new importance of customer service to customer experience
  2. Challenges in delivering today’s customer service
  3. The modern cloud contact centre
  4. With the cloud, your customer service becomes a clear competitive advantage
  5. Checklist: Is your business ready for the cloud?

Our checklist helps you quickly and easily evaluate exactly where your customer service currently stands – and what the potential is for improvement. Fill in the checklist, total your score and find out your rating

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Enghouse CCaaS brochure

An omnichannel cloud contact centre that delivers service excellence and supports your team in the hybrid world


The why and how of successful cloud contact centre migration

What is the best approach? How can you increase the chances of a success?


5 tips for successfully migrating your contact centre to the cloud

Learn more about the key capabilities to look for in a cloud contact centre technology vendor.


Infographic “Cloud Contact Centre Migration Checklist”

Migrating your contact centre to the cloud doesn’t have to be intimidating. The journey can be exciting and successful with the right guidance and a trusted partner by your side. This checklist will help you plan, execute, and monitor your cloud migration for sustained success.


“Going Off-premise – Dispelling the Myths about Cloud Contact Centres”

We help you make the right decision for your business by separating facts from fiction. Read this myth-busting guide to get an answer to questions such as whether it is really safer to keep your data on-premises than in the Cloud.


“Moving your Contact Centre to the Cloud – 6 Tips to ensure Success”

This guide will help you determine which strategy is best for your business and draw your attention to crucial factors you should consider before moving into the Cloud.


“Frequently Asked Questions about Cloud-based Contact Centres”

If you are amongst those companies pondering a Cloud contact centre, go for it! We put together a document of frequently asked questions to get your facts straight and help you decide whether a Cloud contact centre solution is right for you.


“Guide to Building a Business Case for a Cloud Contact Centre”

If you wish to migrate to the Cloud you must be clear on the real decision factors ensuring that the move will bring the desired results. This guide will help you to build a business case reviewing benefits and challenges as they apply to your organisation.


“Jump into Action – 7 key Reasons to move to the Cloud”

According to DMG Consulting, 62% of organisations have already migrated to a Cloud Contact Centre solution. Switching to a cloud contact over premise-based solutions can offer businesses of all sizes significant benefits, including increased flexibility, new and often better cost structures and stronger compliance. In this infographic, we outline 7 vital reasons why your business could profit from a Cloud contact centre.


Enghouse Cloud Contact Centre  Automation and IBM Cloud

Read the brochure about how Enghouse and IBM Cloud enable you to effectively automate your contact centre operations leveraging insights, create customer loyalty and ultimately drive revenue.

A Quick Guide to Remote Working for the Contact Centre

A Quick Guide to Remote Working for the Contact Centre

This guide offers guidance on all major considerations for optimum operation of your remote contact centre such as equipment and software needs, access and security considerations, as well as helpful tips.

A Quick Guide to Managing Remote Contact Centre Agents

A Quick Guide to Managing Remote Contact Centre Agents

As the new normal brings new challenges for contact centres, temporary solutions may not work moving forward. Our guide provides insight on how to successfully manage long-term remote working.


Have it your way!

Enghouse Interactive is in the unique position to provide companies with the best customer contact solution to precisely meet their requirements. CTO Alex Black emphasises not only an extensive range of solutions from on-premise to Cloud, but also the services available at Enghouse to help companies minimise the risk of a transition.


The Cloud Journey

Rupert Adair, Director Product Management at Enghouse Interactive stresses that it is not only the extensive portfolio of proven Cloud solutions that offers customers the flexibility and choice that they are after. Enghouse Interactive is all about the Cloud Journey: providing companies with the necessary stepping stones along the way.


Secure in the Cloud

Alex Black, CTO at Enghouse Interactive addresses security concerns surrounding Cloud infrastructures. He stresses that information stored in the Cloud can be event more secure than on-premise when benefitting from centralised, best in-class, security standards as is the case with Enghouse CCaaS.

On-demand Webinar

Hybrid working in a Cloud Contact Centre integrated with Microsoft Teams

A real-life success story presented by Microsoft, Hitachi ABB Power Grids and Enghouse Interactive

Theodora Malmström, Customer Success Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
Ron Palinkas, Head of Customer Connect – Americas, Hitachi ABB Power Grids
Jeremy Payne, VP International Marketing, Enghouse Interactive

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